Introduction Summary Features Requirements Files and Structure Database Configuration Setup Base URL Run the Application Dashboard Settings Add Branch Add Department Add User Role Add New User Add Category Add Product Add Supplier Add Warehouse Create Purchase Order Receive Item Add Store Stock Transfer Sale Item Item Consumption Reports User Activity Log Create Database Backup Version Live Demo Support

Inventory Management System (IMS)

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Created: 03 Jan, 2022
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A) Summary - top

IMS is an inventory management system that provides tools to control inventory management processes. It meets the requirements involved with generating purchase orders, supplier management, stock management, customer and sales management, and so on. This application is suitable for businesses like electrical / mechanical / chemical stores, spare parts, traders of raw materials, retail shops, stationery, foods, etc.

B) Features - top

C) Requirements - top

D) Files and Structure - top

This item has been developed using PHP web scripting language and MySQL database management tools. To run this item, you need Apache web server installed in your PC or you can use PHP application hosting server and MySQL database server. It contains the following folders and files.

Files and Structure

Create new folder inside htdocs or www or html folder if you use XAMPP/WAMP/LAMP packages or public_html folder if you use application hosting server. Place all the files and folders inside newly created folder.

E) Database Configuration - top

This item uses MySQL Database. First, you need to configure database access. There are two steps-

  1. Import database using SQL file
  2. Setup access credentials inside project file

To import database, find the SQL file inside db folder and use phpMyAdmin import option.

Database Configuration

To setup access credentials, go to application/config/database.php and find these lines.

Database Access

Change those lines-

F) Setup Base URL - top

To setup base URL, go to application/config/config.php and find this line. Change to your site domain name or project directory name such as localhost/project_name.

Base URL

G) Run the Application - top

To run the application, go to the browser and enter the URL into the address bar, and press ENTER.


H) Dashboard - top

The dashboard is the summary view of all operations. You can see how many branches or departments or stores or warehouses etc. exist in the system from a single point of view.
Login > Dashboard


I) Settings - top

You can add some basic information here, such as company name, logo, address, SEO information etc.
Home > Settings


J) Add Branch - top

Add and update branch information here.
Home > Section > Branch List > Add New


K) Add Department - top

Add and update department information here.
Home > Section > Department List > Add New


L) Add User Role - top

Add and update user role information here.
Home > User > User Role > Add New


M) Add New User - top

Add and update user information here.
Home > User > User List > Add New


N) Add Product Category - top

Add and update product category here.
Home > Product > Category List > Add New


O) Add Product - top

Add and update product information here.
Home > Product > Product List > Add New


P) Add Supplier - top

Add and update supplier information here.
Home > Supplier > Supplier List > Add New


Q) Add Warehouse - top

Add and update warehouse information here.
Home > Warehouse > Warehouse List > Add New


R) Create Purchase Order - top

To purchase an item, first, we need to create a purchase order. Here we can create a purchase order and manage purchase information.
Home > Purchase > Purchase Order > Add New


S) Item Receive - top

Receive item from supplier and add item information to warehouse.
Home > Purchase > Receive Item


T) Add Store - top

Add and update store information here.
Home > Store > Store List


U) Stock Transfer - top

Create stock transfer request here.
Home > Store > New Stock Request


V) Sale Item - top

We can sale items and manage customer information here. Sale invoice can be printed here.
Home > Sale > New Sale


W) Item Consumption - top

To consume an item, we need to create a consumption request to the store. Store Manager will approve the consumption request.
Home > Consumption > New Request


X) Reports - top

You will see various reports here. Store Balance Report, Warehouse Balance Report, Item Sale Report, Consumption Report etc.
Home > Reports


Y) User Activity Log - top

You will see user activity log or report here.
Home > User > Activity Log


Z) Create Database Backup - top

We need to create database backup regularly for the security of data. We can create backup here easily.
Home > Settings > Date Backup


AA) Version - top

Initial release

Version 1.0

AB) Live Demo - top

You can see the demo installation here. Live Demo

Password: Ab1#

AC) Support - top

Please send us your query about IMS or customization request to our email address :

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